Generation Blues

by Iain James Robb

 A Satire

We are the Social Justice soldiers, we parrot platitudes and lies,

And expect you all to worship the same things we idolise.

We ignore Islamic extremism and domestic terrorism too,

Because we are Cultural Relativists whose brains are up our flue.

We know all the Frankfurt School theory by rote,

So let's march to try and undermine the democratic vote.

Let's make up hoax hate crimes and blame them on Trumpers

While attacking white folk and smashing up storefronts and bumpers.

It's the ‘progressive' way of things, getting paid off by Soros,

To go off and cause trouble and ignore the time that it borrows

To blame society for our entitlement and ignorance taught

By Marxist professors peddling Collectivist rot;

‘Fuck you,' we cry as a hive, “We'll do exactly what you tell us.

We are the mindless generation. We are suckled on anaemic piss.”

So switch off the ‘fake news sites' which are the only real news,

And rely on CNN and Huff Po for our postmodernist blues.

We are the reason people voted Trump.

To reality we will not lurch with a bump.

Canada is a totalitarian Cultural Marxist regime,

But to us that is really the ‘democratic' dream,

Because democracy only means to us everyone agreeing

With us, and the disease the Cultural Marxists are seeding.

So let's all go off and riot against Trump's inauguration,

Because we are the lobotomised and useless generation,

And history will forget us when Western culture is returned:

Because moderates and libertarians are sick of being bummed out and burned.

You say Generation Snowflake must have to fuck off and die,

But I must be leaving for my corner, because I have to go cry.