by Ginnah Howard

I don't see why you didn't get a dozen while you were at it.  We've been through this.  That way you'd never run out.  Many times.  If you stocked up, you never would.  What did I tell you?  You get down to the last one, then what if you forget?  What happens? You have to go without.  Why can't you see it makes more sense to buy in bulk?  Because it makes sense to me to do it the way I do it.  That's why I do it that way.  But why not be logical?  Plus, and this is a big consideration, it's more economical.  You buy a dozen when they're on sale.  Listen: I enter the store; I push the cart up and down the same aisles I always use; I get just about the same twenty-five things every week, with minor additions and these I have on a short list.  Occasionally I give into a dangerous desire that's been building for weeks: chocolate kisses, something loaded with artificial flavor and salt.  I never look at the prices.  I never compare ounces.  The check out is easy, the total expected.  It all fits into the front seat, so I don't have to bother with the trunk.  It takes only two or three trips to carry the bags into the house, and not that long to put it away.  But it's more expensive that way and in the end if you were to figure it out it actually takes you more time.  You do realize we are not talking about soup?  We're talking about making shopping more efficient.  How I shop is who I am.  But it would make so much more sense to get a dozen while you're at it.