Aerobics 6 p.m.

by Gary Percesepe

Dizzy but still alive 
Inside this conversation 
I ask if you have a sister 
And if she'll know me 
If I'm with you. 
Taking a purple 
Scrunchie off your wrist 
You pass it through 
Your hot hair then 
Point to some guy 
In the corner whose 
Spastic angel arms and 

Jacknife jacks are 
Comical but unrehearsed 
And in the mirror 
Now I see your sister 
There beside you 
Moving backward in a 

Perfect glide of unmarked years 
Her shining skin 

Her smooth dark calves 
Her hair holding the light of a 

Hundred glistening bodies 
The flawless curve of her neck. 

Her, dancing.