Shits and Crazies- a Pas de Deux

by Gary Hardaway

Dreaming of Revenge, Served Cold

If I were a hacker,
incredibly quick and sly,
I'd fuck a few people up
but good
then fuck 'em up
for good measure.

I'm a vengeful shit,

of modern skills, alas.
Otherwise, I'd be
a bona fide terror,
taking out my enemies
without a single
drop of blood.

Alone and Incompetent

Anson Chi
tried to kill my wife
myself, my neighbors
but failed last week,
alone and incompetent,
blowing away his eye
some fingers
nothing else
with his pipe bomb
unlike Tim McVeigh,
whose ashes mould
beneath the clay
wherever his lawyer laid them,
who had both friends
and expertise.