Possible Candidates for Reading to a Crowd

by Emily Sparkles

"Possible candidates for reading to a crowd"
the subject line of the email to myself read.
You see, writing can be hard - 
or writing can be easy.
But writing for a crowd you'll see is something else entirely.

I write fiction, always have. 
For myself. For far-flung strangers, 
likewise hiding behind pseudonyms and prone to be truly constructive for they truly understand. 
I write for my sacred circle, 
my no-good-sons-of-bitches 
that I meet with to smoke cigarettes, drink whiskey, and 
oh yes - discuss our work.

I write non-fiction, the web content stuff.
That's where the money is
The thousands-deep reach, the network the net-worth
I write for the glory and honor and fame! 
but for the person who pays me to write under his name. 
Trying on someone else's voice and spreading his or her message -
That? That's the easy stuff. 

I write thoughts
And record experiences 
I share too much about too little and too little about too much
I write to release what's trapped inside me
into a gilded cage
where it can be seen and remarked upon and maybe even learned from
But who wants to read a blog?

"Possible candidates for reading to a crowd"
the subject of the email draft to myself still reads.
Because writing can be hard, 
but writing can be easy.
And writing for a crowd you'll actually see is something else entirely.