Longing For The Sea

by D. Ohana

The sighs of the nearby shore 
came to me through an open window.
Wave after gentle wave 
caressed her broad, sand crusted skin. 

Mesmerized, I lay still.
The in out sound of breathing now filled the room.
Your warmth enveloping me like the satin waves
that I thought I had just heard a moment ago.
Your soft caresses crossed the expanse of my skin,
while beyond, the ocean whispered sweetly into the sandy ears
of the shore outside my open window. 

The moon climbed higher, 
accompanied by wind whipped cries 
as the sea's passion mounted 
wave after tumescent wave
upon the trembling shore. 
Foam and salt spray roiled the air,
soon absorbed by each of the
myriad grains of her sandy being.
The beach now lay resplendent 
under the shimmering, cloudless moonlight.

Waves receded,
Their passions spent.
Only longing remained,
inside my open window.
Longing that cast a deep shadow
On the moon bright night.