gravelortian part 17

by Chad Smith

Biting off your own tongue
Blistering boils, stumps of burnt hair

Chopping your hand off with a dull axe
Drowning in a swimming pool of blood and piss

Drinking dog puke from a brown paper bag
Eating the intestines of your uncle three months dead

Falling into barbwire covered in skunk fat
Pulling out your fingernails

Pulling off your eyelids
Shattering a wine glass of lemon juice on your bare back

Shattering bones, compound fractures poking through skin
Sleeping on a pillow filled with possum roadkill

Snapping off your teeth and chewing them to dust
Sniffing steaming swine semen

Sticking a tree branch too far into your nose
Sticking a tree branch too far into your ear

Where does this come from?
We watch his film and wonder

Distinguished older gentleman seemingly pleasant, shy, charming, peaceful, kind
Crafter of bizarre, disturbed, demonic, confused and vile images

Are we witness to a cracked brain at work on screen?
Purge the ugly, to focus on the beauty

Outing of the hurtful, make room for the hopeful
Spew darkness and let in the light

An artistic bloodletting, an exorcism of the disgusting
Extract the weeds so the daisies can breath