Just Stopped In For A Raspberry Slushie

by Angela Kubinec

atmosphere interfered

in the space between

soles and soul

leaving a balloon

head floating and filled

in the depths of a roaring

pressure sea

while waiting for a hot dog and a drink at Sonic


so loud

barely could hear the doctor speak

on the phone only

laughter bubbling inside and out

sparking with happy crystal


and the wind-up toys

behind the dash of the

car scraping to get out


Jacob the doctor

said are you safe do not drive stay where you are call your husband, oh, and take more medicine


in a somnambulistic state

later dragging all the old bed linens out

taking pictures

sending the pictures to everyone

begging them all to take away the tired

comfortable fabric

where it might rest in peace on someone's

unfortunate bed, because it deserved

greater respect than the attic was



cleansing all of it, twice

heavy duty, soak, softener cycle

the chugging of the washing machine

pulling forward

to the same place again