a different kind of poetry slam

by Angela Kubinec

when you sent me another sappy bit

of writing, Kahlil Gibran told me

I was about to be exposed to a poem

you were using to sprout guilt

under the terrific ruse of friendship


so I read it

it crippled me, the line about fulfilling

need as opposed to emptiness

what drivel


this communication

of yours is intended to make me extend

thanks and thus reinforce

your belief in your superior

wisdom and life experience


if you would never speak

of my food habits or reliance upon certain



I might be able to re-stitch us

together, superficially


you believe too strongly in yourself

and all your fucked up knowledge and I want

you to stop trying to tuck it all in

around me


I just woke up one morning and did not like you anymore

this poem is the only way

I can think of to



I know I will never have the guts to show it to you