You leave me

by Allison Rose

dreaming, and wishing for more
Every time we are together it feels as though we were never ever apart
every piece fits in perfectly, every word of every sentence of every paragraph that you've ever said to me
always leaves me without a sound,
and isn't that odd
isn't it odd that the girl with the ocean for a heart
is yours.
I want to be yours and I want to be there all the time
laying with you thinking with you
breathing with you
we could be so in sync and you may not even realize it
but sometimes I think you're scared
sometimes I think you're doubtful
but is it me that is scared? I'm just scared to build a beautiful palace of love
and have it torn down like it was never there
but isn't it odd that I trust you?
I trust that you won't tear down my palace, that you'll love it as much as I do
I want you to understand everything I write
I want to be the one to show you things you've never seen before
I want you to show me places I've never been
the poems and blogs I write are simply my ways of expressing myself
which you will soon enough understand
Another language is hard to learn when you're too busy concentrating on how confusing it is
you know how I feel, I hate when you doubt it
There's no need to be jealous of anyone, everyone should be jealous of you
you're the only one that ever gets me, and takes me.
Did I put it in enough words for you to understand?
I know you're not ready to say it but I can't help but hope that you mean it
I can't help but hope that you feel it, too.

Hop over the puddles, leap over the boundaries that keep you away from me
I have done what I can, now what can you do?
I'm sure you've done much, too. The only thoughts I have of yours, I have assumed myself.
I don't want you to be afraid to open up to me, maybe it's not something you're very used to but I want you to know that I can always listen, and better than most people respond fully to you.

the best gift you could ever really give me would be yourself,
but maybe you didn't know you're everything to me
and maybe you didn't know I do love you, and I'm sorry that when I say it, it makes you feel obligated.
But it's how I feel and I won't keep it from you.

This was written for you and it's obvious.
From me to you

The sun will rise higher than it ever did before
and you'll fall asleep so much easier tonight.