Out(side) of my mind

by Allison Rose

I find you staring into the mirror, wondering if what we've got is real
you search for knowledge

I'm the only one
the only one that can give it to you.

The cement floor beneath your feet brings you to a stopping point
where you will sit and breathe for a moment

but just for that moment you think of me, and maybe you
are just too much

it's been only a short time, and time isn't much of anything

It's a few months later and you're still here.

You're still home
I knew you would be, really I trusted you.

The mountains you've climbed and the cliffs you've fallen off of
do more than just send the message,
or force me to understand.

The thoughts I'm thinking and the heart that is beating
are completely distracting
your opinions and my sense of being
tend to sometimes be intertwined

following too closely and shutting you out
leading on to something more, and leaving before anything happened

The street lights continue their cycle
as you sit beneath them night after night
watering the plants with your eyes,
I drive by and wonder if you'll ever grow up.

Whether your cup is half empty
or half full,
you'll slowly rise.
I see you whispering to the blades of grass, as if you could relate to being walked all over
whispering secrets you would never tell someone that could respond
leaving there not much more to be found

I leave you because
you violently told me to,
I still love you because
I told you I always would.

So who's going to watch you die?