The Winds of Time

by AJ Lowell

The winds of time, of where...

There, along the horizon...The wind forms cliffs of transparent vapors colored by the setting sun.

Purple fades.

Orange into a deeper blue...The deepest blue ever known.

Gravity has no meaning here...Its only liquid cosmos, cascading into an ocean of ionized gases, displayed to me it sole witness.

I have no doubts, all of that was just for me to see.

As I look now, into the deep deep blue...A reflection of the universe unfolds and I am released of all my bonds with the earth.

As my soul-self soars into the endless grip of the heavens, I see the world I left behind.

A blue pearl.

The single tear that rolled off God's face.

Struck then the cloth of night and space.

Look where...now the winds have carried me.

Nothingness and infinity.

There is no time.