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  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Dec 16, 12:49pm

    Please weigh in.
    Private? yes or no?
    Private will mean that only members are allowed to post here and comment.
    It will also allow more freedom to speak out in these posts which could be a very good thing.
    So let us know what you want...

  • Gloriamindock200x274.thumb
    Gloria Mindock
    Dec 16, 06:22pm

    Either way is fine with me. I post what I want concerning what this group is about.
    Doesn't bother me if my work is public.
    I write what I write!

  • Photo_on_2012-05-10_at_10.25.thumb
    Susan Gibb
    Dec 22, 12:03pm

    I'd say I'm with Gloria on this. Unfortunately, I'm not as consistently active here as I once was only due to lack of time but I do check in once a week or every ten days. I'd love to see more conversation here.

  • Sunburn_selfie.thumb
    Jane Hammons
    Jan 04, 11:03pm

    I like it public, maybe for the reasons you created it? Like Susan, I'm not here much these days, but I do check this group for things to read.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Jan 04, 11:14pm

    OK, so lets stay public. The work coming in here is great!

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