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    Scott Garson
    Oct 27, 12:08pm

    <a href="http://fictioncircus.com/news.php?id=459&amp;mode=one"></a>: "I am publishing my latest short story collection -- a nested set of ten provocative stories called "Seed" -- in a flash drive shaped like a miniature penis. The penis will be made out of ordinary squishy dong gel, and, though small, will be quite functional as a genital simulacrum."

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    Scott Garson
    Oct 27, 12:11pm

    oops, the link didn't go thru... trying again:

    <a href="http://fictioncircus.com/news.php?id=459&amp;mode=one">Seed</a>

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    R. Mangla
    Oct 27, 04:33pm

    Yesterday, at Big Other, Ryan Bradley compared Cory Doctorow to Radiohead, because of the way Doctorow's planning to distribute his new collection. I'm trying to think of what band Miracle Jones should be compared to ... something like the Whitesnake of publishing.

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    Scott Garson
    Oct 27, 05:53pm

    there are so many good jokes to be made here, people. come on come on....

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    Ben White
    Oct 29, 09:55am

    I like how the reader is supposed to say, oh, it's ordinary squishy dong gel—I know <em>exactly</em> what that's like.

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    Scott Garson
    Oct 29, 11:22am

    yeah good to know... i was worried for a second there... don't want to get into anything unordinary...

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