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    Scott Garson
    Aug 29, 07:20am

    maybe when you edit a mag you understand better than before the desire to pub yourself there..... i mean i'd never do it -- but such great writers! such great stuff! it's like you want to be there w/ them...

    well yeah i can't..... but hell if i'm not going to post a story here at some point! be x-pecting it......

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    Kathy Fish
    Aug 29, 08:10am

    yes, please!

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    David Erlewine
    Aug 29, 12:42pm

    scott, i can empathize with the desire to make it into wigleaf. maybe you and i can chat about that over a beer sometime.

  • Garson2.thumb
    Scott Garson
    Aug 29, 12:48pm


  • Daviderlewine.thumb
    David Erlewine
    Aug 29, 02:00pm


    Thanks, after sending that I had a thought that comment could garner some crickets.

  • Rg.thumb
    Roxane Gay
    Aug 31, 01:31pm

    Scott, I totally feel that way myself. Sometimes when I write a story I think, many this would be great in PANK and then I remember, and I get sad. But I would never self-pub. Jason Jordan is having an interesting discussion about this on his blog.

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    Ben White
    Sep 14, 10:27pm

    I've heard a couple of editors say the opposite, as if their writing was so strong that to NOT put it in their publication meant that they implicitly believe that their magazine wasn't worthy of their prose-gold.

    But yeah, I don't buy it. There's a two-part joy to being published. One is having your writing out there, having people read it. The other is having someone approve of your writing enough to say, "yes, I want this piece to be associated with what I do." The second part to me is never to be underestimated, and you can never get quite the same feeling if you take the shortcut.

    I've heard of some people who re-publish their pieces after they've already appeared in other places, but...meh.

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