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    Larry Strattner
    Nov 22, 12:25pm

    Sounds like fun. I'd suggest including not only objects in the water but alos denizens living immediately proximate to the water. That would take in the marshes where you can't always get an object fully submerged.

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    Nicki Pombier Berger
    Nov 22, 08:58pm

    Thanks for the suggestion, Larry - I'm not quite sure what you mean about including people who live close to the water, but if I told you that we include previously underwater objects, or half-submerged objects, or objects washed ashore, would that address what you're talking about? In fact, our newsletter going out this week will really illustrate this particular facet of Underwater New York - sign up on our site to get the newsletter, and check back here later this week for more details ... Here's where you sign up for the newsletter, which goes out every other week: http://underwaternewyork.com/subscribe-to-surfaced/

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