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  • Frankie Saxx
    Apr 03, 11:39am


    Love this site.

    Donaldkacsázás (Hungarian)

    Literally means “Donald Duck-ing”. Wearing a shirt but no pants nor underpants at home.

    I totally do that! Now I have a word for it!

    (You know when we're talking on Twitter? Yeah.)

  • Me2.thumb
    Lynn Beighley
    Apr 03, 12:02pm

    Good to know! Also makes me picture you as having a big, feathery duck bottom.

  • Frankie Saxx
    Apr 03, 12:31pm

    You hacked my webcam didn't you?! With your PHP?!! I'm on to you, Beighley!!!

  • Me2.thumb
    Lynn Beighley
    Apr 03, 12:45pm

    You shore got a purty cloaca, Sachs.

  • Frankie Saxx
    Apr 03, 12:49pm


    (thanks. ^_^ )

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