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  • Frankie Saxx
    Nov 10, 01:27pm

    Does "We reject all submissions containing sparkly vampires involved in sexual affairs with human girls 1/10th their age. And Justin Bieber." mean that you don't want my homoerotic Twilight/Justin Bieber cross-over fanfic?

  • Me2.thumb
    Lynn Beighley
    Nov 10, 01:53pm

    While the journal can't use this, please send it to our personal email. Also, if you've sketched any illustrations, we'd like to see those.

  • Une_ville_vide_200.thumb
    Berit Ellingsen
    Nov 10, 08:53pm

    Homoerotic Twilight/Justin Bieber cross-over fanfic is good as long as it is literary, or tries to be?

    They had Bieber in CSI, why not in Twilight or Campire Diaries. He'd fit right in there!

  • Frankie Saxx
    Nov 11, 07:34am

    I could rewrite this piece with Justin Bieber as a sparkly 200 yo vampire if that would be more acceptable to the editors, but I was under the impression Unicorn Bacon only publishes fiction. Please advise.

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