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    Jon Davies
    Mar 01, 09:43pm

    This month's challenge is a story in two parts.

    Part 1
    Write a story in 500 words or less set entirely in the dining room of a fast-food restaurant.

    Part 2
    Now write (essentially) the same story in 500 words or less again, but this time set it outside in the middle of the Montana wilderness in the dead of winter. (The "same" story should be taken rather broadly--it should be a similar plot and theme, a story mirroring the first in some way.)

    Use three of the following prompt phrases in each part (you can repeat or not repeat the prompt phrases as desired--for example, you could use phrases 1, 2, and 3 in part 1, and phrases 1, 3, and 5 in part 2):

    Weight limit
    Low or soft shoulder
    One way
    Do not enter
    Dead end
    Share the road
    Wrong way
    Pedestrian crossing
    No right turn
    Pass with care

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    Jason McCormick
    Mar 02, 04:37pm

    Sweet! Awesome prompt, Jon.

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    Jack Nelson
    Mar 09, 04:18pm

    Aye, the riddler hath flit it . . . . now to fit it into two ways of being.

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