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    Jon Davies
    Jan 01, 01:31pm

    Write a story in which you scatter the following refrain at least three times:

    Arise, ye masses, arise!

    Best of luck. Try to keep entries to under 2000 words. For reference sake, tag your entries ssc-jan10.

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    Susan Gibb
    Jan 01, 10:29pm

    Well this sounds like fun! And, quite a challenge.

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    Jim Breslin
    Jan 03, 06:11pm

    Arise ye masses, arise! Oh jeez, this will be interesting. Here we go!

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    Gary Percesepe
    Jan 03, 07:31pm

    looks like you've started something. very good. fire it up. --karl

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    Paul Steven Stone
    Jan 04, 07:28pm

    Jeez, if it had only been "Arise ye asses, arise!" I could of been a contender.

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    Susan Tepper
    Jan 23, 02:21pm

    several weeks ago, I joined the new challenge with my story Baby Nest. then I made the story "private" but understood that by doing so it would still remain on the groups where I had placed it. well it has disappeared from this group and i can't get it back on--
    any suggestions?

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    Susan Tepper
    Jan 23, 02:25pm

    never mind responding, i can be so dense! by making the story private, i have made it only accessible to private groups. and this is a public group. duh!

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