Discussion → 20 micros by Joe Young and Kathy Fish--a collaboration

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    Laura Ellen Scott
    Oct 01, 08:09am

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    Kathy Fish
    Oct 01, 08:20am

    Thanks for featuring our collaborative project on your blog, Laura!

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    David Erlewine
    Oct 01, 08:23am


    holy shit is this awesome. sort of like the b graham collages and scorch atlas...just opens so many things up in my brain.

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    Kathy Fish
    Oct 01, 08:34am

    Thanks, David. It was fascinating for both of us I think when we unveiled our original micros to each other and saw how we'd really changed and shifted the stories. I think, too, looking at them, together they form their own loosely woven narrative.

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    Richard Cooper
    Oct 03, 04:31pm

    I have to read this, as the concept reminds me of how Naked Lunch was created, using the "cut up" method.

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    Kathy Fish
    Oct 03, 04:32pm

    Hey Richard, let me know what you think...I didn't know that about Naked Lunch.

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