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  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Jul 22, 12:14am

    It's heartening to see so many Fictionauts piling on to the Oil Group. Too bad we need such a group. Your strong social consciences are uplifting in these stressful times. Send your work. We need to hear each other's voices...

  • Bless_you.thumb
    Derek Osborne
    Jul 22, 07:17am

    Hey Susan, thanks for the invite. Funny this should come up. I've been toying with a story about our local gas station - yes, a BP. It's owned by this very nice Indian couple and about 6 months ago a Super Wawa went up down the road and suddenly they weren't the only act in town. BP decided to renovate, but instead of treating Raj and his wife fairly they instead tried to break the lease, refused to repair the computers when they went down, stopped delivering fuel and threw a big Philly law firm at them, all in an attempt to get rid of them and install a new franchise owner. I'm saving their best (and most disgusting) tactic for the story.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Jul 22, 02:27pm

    Hi Derek, well another gold star for BP. Can'twait to read your story

  • Gloriamindock200x274.thumb
    Gloria Mindock
    Jul 25, 12:41pm

    Glad to see this group happen and I look forward to reading the posts Susan.

  • Headshot_2_of_gay.thumb
    Gay Degani
    Aug 20, 12:18pm

    Thanks for the invite. I'm from Louisiana. I haven't written anything yet, but now will think about it.

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