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  • Frankie Saxx
    Nov 12, 10:41am

    I thought I'd make a place for these because I think they're important.

    I read this one this morning

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 12, 01:37pm

    They are important. Thank you, Frankie.

  • Night_chorus_book_cover.thumb
    Joani Reese
    Nov 12, 06:49pm

    Added this to my Facebook page. As an English professor, I would welcome this articulate, thoughtful, and excellent writer into my class. How refreshing to read something so well imagined on a subject so important to us all by a young person. I am sorry for the suffering those who are on the front lines will endure, but I am pleased some of them are as accomplished as this student.

  • Frankie Saxx
    Nov 14, 11:33am

    I'm following the blogger above on Twitter too @vegan_avb. His live account of the Occupy Oakland camp awaiting a raid is as thoughtful as the blog.

  • Frankie Saxx
    Nov 14, 11:45am

    Naomi Wolf's account of her arrest was published in the Guardian.


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