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    Benjamin Matvey
    Feb 28, 08:27pm

    My chapter 1 landed in the Ofi Press: http://www.fictionaut.com/stories/benjamin-matvey/x-chapter-1-alex

    And my warped little allegory, Forewarned, found at home at River Poets Journal


    Still looking for a home for this story I talked about in my interview with Lynn:


    "I am trying to find a home for my latest short story, Common Decency. It is, once again, the story of a small, bookish, shy character (I love to write about those types) who discovers how deep his inner prude runs when his parents publish a bestselling book of erotica. I think it may be the funniest story I have written, but it’s both pretty small and personal while kind of bawdy at the same time, so I really do not know what the right journal for it might be. Is there a Journal of Sex Comedies About Uptight People? If so that should be its home!"

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