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  • Cmharrisphoto.thumb
    C.M. Harris
    Dec 03, 09:43am

    Does anyone know if you can name a novel or short story the same as a memorable song title without having to get permission?

    For example a song that isn't generic sounding like "Crocodile Rock" or "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"...

  • Mc5atruetestimonial.thumb
    Craig Snyder
    Dec 03, 11:19am

    You do not need permission, but in my opinion it is better to have an original title.

  • Cmharrisphoto.thumb
    C.M. Harris
    Dec 03, 01:08pm


  • Flawntnewsmall.thumb
    Finnegan Flawnt
    Dec 09, 02:17am

    i don't know if i agree with craig. especially if there's a change in medium involved (song title to story title) i think this is innocent and even quite interesting - broadens the base of the story, enables collage. i'd encourage you to stick to your idea. i also think the more of the writer's inspiration becomes clear to the reader (especially the writing reader) the better. i love these matchbook pieces which bring the story and the 'review' of the story on the same page.

  • Johnpenny.thumb
    John Woodington
    Dec 14, 09:36am

    I tend to think that naming a story the same thing as a memorable song hinders whatever that story is, since the reader will have that song in the back of their mind while reading the story, influencing their feelings about the story. For instance, I find "Crocodile Rock" quite annoying, so I would approach a story with the same title with preordained annoyance, which wouldn't be fair to a story I had not read. It seems somewhat somewhat in the same derivative vein as fan fiction, which doesn't get a lot of respect from me.

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