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    eamon byrne
    May 05, 10:55am

    Hi everyone.

    My writing app is now released in beta. The download link is on my website

    The full details are on the website, but here is a summary.

    The app is called writoro. It's for windows now -- mac to follow soon.

    It has everything a writing app demands .. and more!

    No scrolling (except as an option); it's full pagination -- like a book!

    Full text tense-changing with a mouse click - no other app does this.

    Voice dictation for the ultimate hands-free writing experience.

    Best-in-class direct-to-book pdf output. My wife Erika self-published 4 books with the app and the print output was outstanding.

    File import/export from/to all file types.

    Spell checking in numerous languages.

    Side notes, footnotes, links etc.

    Definitely more feature-rich formatting than docs or word.

    Excellent project management support.

    Context-sensitive help.

    Same-day email support from yrs truly..

    And please note:

    No internet is required - it's fully desktop, pretty much everything works offline.

    But when online, some extra features kick in:

    Such as online backup of your files according to your preferred settings.

    And full file versioning.

    And syncing to your mobile devices.

    And having the server update the app in the background, so you always have the latest version of the app.

    The app comes pre-installed with 2 practice files to get you up and running fast. Open them and edit away. They're protected from being saved to their practice folder.

    The licence entitles installing on 2 desktop computers and one usb drive. With a usb install you can carry the usb in your pocket and plug it in to any windows computer (mac later), such as the one in your local library..

    For all fictionaut users, the app is free for 1 whole year. After that I'll charge a modest subscription fee.

    But wait! (as they shout on the late night ad channels). There's more!

    I'm now struggling to find bugs and need fresh eyes on this - for which help the following generous incentive applies: to any fictionauter reporting a bug, a free lifetime license. This offer remains open till July, when I'll be releasing the app publicly.

    Writoro is a mature full-featured system with lots more to come. I strongly recommend you give it a trial.

    Please don't be put off by microsoft's scary message when you click on the installer. It's a perfectly safe app.

    Thanks for reading. All the best.


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    David Ackley
    May 05, 08:21pm

    This sounds genius, Eamon and Erika! Congratulations! I'm bummed that I'll have to wait for the Mac Version, but it sounds like just the ticket for my WIP memoir.

    What a boon!

    all the best


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    Gary Hardaway
    May 06, 10:26am

    Wow! I am impressed. Sounds absolutely perfect.


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    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    May 06, 02:31pm

    Sounds great! I'll sign up as soon as the Mac version is ready.

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    stephen hastings-king
    May 07, 02:44am

    This sounds very interesting. I look forward to checking it out (but it may be some weeks, until after we've move house from here to there because Dead Landlord (made of fish) (we think they all are)...)

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