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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    May 12, 03:17pm

    If you're post-BLUNTING of *cutting edge* ... the first major BAND, of which, the Dandy WARHOLS (roll EYES), features Courtney Taylor-Taylor-TAYLOR-Taylor-Taylor ("say it with a BEAT!" ;) ), parodied on here with my "Not Again!" story (, which probably made him SHIT his *PANTS* and *want* to "Cancel" me and my CAREER and all sorts of other good stuff ...

    But wait -- there's MORE! Fun stuff here in Portland. Laura ETHERTON, who's probably NEVER *HEARD* of the "journal that blunts the CUTTING *EDGE" (squeezed right BY it, at the Univ. of CHICAGO, at WHPK for 5 (five) count 'em TRIMESTERS, no less -- lookit ME, it's like squeezing past the BUCKLEY at Albany ACADEMY in 8th-grade-through-HIGH-school not giving a shit, including a CLASS *TRIP* to *D.C.*, trust me when I talk -- I'm radical LEFT from day one, and me and Richard LINKLATER and KATIE *CRUTCHFIELD*, like that *BILLY CORGAN* guy, that (very PROBABLY) WILLIAM *GIBSON* guy -- )


    Her HUSBAND -- the BIGGEST *DIPSHIT* ever to POST on Mark ZUCKERBERG'S dorm *ROOM* project -- couldn't help but POST (since his name invoked both KARL and SMITH, right? and I SWEAR, for SOME reason, he's a RINGER for *CARVILLE*) : "Armed REVOLUTION?" As though this was a funny funny JEST!!! This in a time of Atari TEENAGE *RIOT*, Nine INCH *NAILS'S* "YEAR *ZERO*," Gisbon's "ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES," Olivier ASSAYAS'S "demonlover" (all-lowercase, because it's a WEBSTITE, don't ya KNOW!!! ;), as though he's trying to win some nebbishy, ineffective, limp, HARMLESS contest here in Portland and therefore the WORLD ... ha ha ha ha ha HAAAAAA!!!

    (And if that wasn't bad enough -- wait folks, I'm HERE ALL *WEEK*!!! ;) -- they mis-follow the example of Sierra CLUB, whose John MUIR has resonances in the enlightened populace to EMERSON and *THOREAU* (is this news?? (roll EYES), and DECIDE to *break the NAME in <I>TWO</I>* ... that's right, folks, as of 2007, we're not going for the fondness-build in a name that took a century and results in people grabbing for their checkbooks when you've never seen them BEFORE and giving you $100 but we're going to be two, confusing, OSPIRG/Environment OREGON organzations so we can watch your face GLAZE over as we explain *WHY* you have to give *TWICE* a year as though this fools *ANYONE* ... least of all the intelligent people who tend to be-or-gravitate TOWARDS the Left, who get dismayed easily, least of all because of the onslaught of the dismay the Right is cultivating so they can very, clearly, get what they want without that much-ballyhooed "oversight." All this so the canvassing staff can get drunk at the bar across the street and throw their lives away. (*sigh*) Scumbags! FAT *PIG* dated *nobody*, BTW, certainly not ME (I can *feel* her fantasizing ... (roll EYES)): she got her "jouissance" from the OFFICE, touching THINGS, feeling things, rolling her EYES, messing up *PAPERWORK*, uncomplicated LIFE *TASKS*, etc. She's a TELETUBBY, so everyone had to pity her, and let her take CHARGE (by DEFAULT -- they're *LAZY*). I'm not STUPID -- I just want to *GO HOME*. No-one asked me why I was so economically DESPERATE to --







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