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    Gary Percesepe
    Nov 24, 09:03pm

    I reached out to Carson, our FN design guy and all around tech guru---he went in and deleted a bunch of shit--we were out of disk space

    Should be working ok, now

    Post some new shit, everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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    Gary Hardaway
    Nov 25, 12:09pm

    Great job! Thanks, Gary and Carson!

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    Nov 25, 03:30pm

    Hoorah hooray!

    As long as Fictionaut endures, I'd like to express my thanks and appreciation to Jurgen and Carson for keeping the site up and running after lo these many years (well after I can recall the last advertisements being posted).

    My understanding is that Fictionaut never graduated past its beta stage, and yet it has functioned enormously well to my satisfaction over the past ten years (yes, it has been that long) and more to accommodate many good and fine contemporary voices, some of which we know to no longer be among us. --so many thanks also to all contributing Fictionaut contributors, past and present and anyone yet to arrive.

    --and many further thanks to the most wonderful of all, our Fictionaut readers. To all of the foregoing, many many thanks, and as Gary enjoins, let us all keep up the good work as long as opportunity permits.

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    Amantine B
    Nov 26, 12:49am

    What a relief! I've been trying for the longest time to get back in

    Thank you Gary and to Sam who reached out to you after I'd approached him. I second Ed - this has been a very generous and supportive community where some firm friendships have been made, among whom generous offers of publication has been extended. Priceless xx

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