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    James Lloyd Davis
    Oct 26, 04:42pm

    ...this site will continue is with someone taking the point as a continuing advocate, a role that Mathew Paust filled for many years. I see that, with his passing, attendance dropped dramatically. It seems that without his consistent cheerleading, Fictionaut could well just fade away.
    Maybe that's inevitable.
    It was lovely once, though, wasn't it?

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    Tim Young
    Oct 26, 05:30pm

    I'm looking at the glass as half filled.

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    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    Oct 28, 01:33pm

    There's less member activity it seems--less posting and commenting and faving but people are still reading stories. Maybe the people reading aren't members.

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    Carl Santoro
    Nov 05, 08:27pm

    We are STILL adventurous readers and writers.
    The inspiration I receive from the comments has kept me focused on the question - WHAT EXACTLY AM I TRYING TO SAY?

    This very special and unique site offers a beginner or pro the chance to get feedback from the real world that cannot be obtained (free of cost) anywhere else.

    I love reading everything I can find time to read here and...everything makes me THINK...and WONDER.
    Keeping such a motivating tool such as this viable allows us, as past Editor Eye writer, Mistie Raiwater-Lite says - "Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard."

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    David Ackley
    Nov 06, 05:10pm

    No question, Mathew's loss was great, James. But Fictionaut has always been a communal enterprise, depending on multiple contributions from all members. The group of active contributors has grown smaller and smaller over time, diminished by those who've stopped posting and that the membership hasn't been replenished, whether because there isn't interest in joining, or that those in charge no longer bother. There was a time when each of us could invite new members, but for some reason that capability was abandoned, perhaps for technical reasons. Attrition was always going to take place, but without new members, we've shrunk to a small group of active writers, who themselves seem to have decided to stop posting--sort of all at once. Why?
    Who knows?
    I can think of a number of things that could be done to continue on, but if the will or the interest is lacking, they might only be a way of surviving one day to the next.
    But hey, everything and everything good depends on survival.

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    Tim Young
    Nov 06, 05:47pm

    I have no doubt we will survive here. Ebb and flow must surely pertain to Fictionaut as it does to most enterprises.

    It is a shame we can not invite new writers. I never had the chance.

    Oh well, hell, taking a break may be exactly what we need.

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