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    Kitty Boots
    Sep 07, 12:36am

    Got this from like him.

    Dear friends,

    Sorry to spring this on some of you rather unexpectedly. As most of you know, I do not like to talk about my personal problems -- especially health issues. For those not quite up to speed, it's time to let you know the cancer has pretty much had its way with me. Not sure how much time is left, but I wanted to get this to you while I still have a little left of what I consider to be the best of my faculties, i.e. irreverent sense of humor. I wrote my obituary ( attached) with this consideration in mind. My daughter, Sarah, is in charge of arrangements (and please keep this private until D Day or unless my condition continues to drag out -- for the better, of course.

    So . . . then there now, goodbye and good fortune to you and your loved ones. Maybe we'll meet again someday. Lunch is on me of course at oh, say, how about that corner in Winslow Arizona?

    Love, Matt

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    Gary Hardaway
    Sep 07, 09:26am

    I will miss you, Matt.

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    Erika Byrne-Ludwig
    Sep 10, 01:14pm

    I will miss you dearly, Matt. You've always been so kind and encouraging. You've always kept the blog going, thanks for your comments and your good sense of humour. Thank you, Matt. Yes, we'll meet again someday.

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    Darryl Price
    Sep 13, 02:44am

    Good man. Good heart. No goodbye. Only much love and affection, and thanks.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Sep 15, 12:34pm

    Miss your kindness, Matt - your words - your honesty - the stories you would have given.

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    Ann Bogle
    Sep 16, 06:31pm

    Reading this and another posting -- an obit Matt apparently wrote -- I sought him on Facebook where he so considerately responded sometimes to all my postings, one of the tiny few. He seems to have left his post there, no trace that I can find. I feel unprepared to accept that any member so integral to our group work here on Fictionaut could be dying or suddenly die. I'm shedding a tear.

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    Sheila Luecht
    Sep 16, 08:34pm

    Matt, my friend from Open Salon was a helpful, kind, reader of my work here. Like so many of us from OS, we had a group of people who we identified, as "our" OS. He was one of mine. I will always remember him, and now he has gone the way of so many others from that time, but never really gone as words live on on our paper and in our memories. Good journey dear Matt.

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    Ann Bogle
    Sep 17, 12:53am

    I am in denial. I did find his page on Facebook listed under Matt rather than Matthew Paust. RIP

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    Ann Bogle
    Sep 17, 01:12am
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    Emily Sparkles
    Sep 18, 12:20pm

    My heart hurts with this news.

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    Rachna K.
    Dec 10, 08:46pm

    I am so sad to see this. Matt has been so supportive always to all the writers!

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    James Claffey
    Jan 22, 03:10pm

    Damn, just saw this. A good man. He will be missed.

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