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    David Ackley
    Aug 30, 01:46pm

    For the first time in the more than ten years I have been on Fictionaut, there are no works on the "Recommended List" on the front page.

    This is bad news.

    If we value having access to Fictionaut, we need to Use it or risk losing it.

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    David Ackley
    Aug 30, 02:35pm

    "Were no works," since I just posted something--a place holder, it might be called. But placeholders won't hold this place for long, so get cracking, you all. And don't quit writing and posting...

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    Gary Percesepe
    Sep 01, 12:50pm

    Thanks for this note, David. Is everyone asleep? Or on vacation?

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    eamon byrne
    Sep 04, 10:47pm

    Dunno, I've just woke up after an absence and found the writing still great.

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    Tim Young
    Sep 14, 06:35pm

    We are still here!

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