Forum / "Specters of the Sixties--from a Journal of the Plague Year." Now up and running at LITERATI

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    David Ackley
    Jul 26, 03:00pm

    And much enhanced too, thanks to brilliant editing and images from the hand of Amantine B.

    (C'mon folks, take a look, I need some readers, Dammit.)

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    David Ackley
    Jul 26, 03:04pm

    Could this be any easier?

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    Amantine B
    Jul 26, 05:32pm

    My pleasure David. Thank you. A

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    eamon byrne
    Jul 26, 11:43pm

    That's a very strong piece of writing David. You write from the experience of living through this. You were there. I see it only from tv documentaries. This endlessly repeating American tragedy is so perplexing. I simply cannot get my head around it. I can only hope that the black lives matter protests are not just sporadic reenactments from the sixties civil rights era doomed yet to fizzle. That the current wave of dissent indicates some glimmer of true enlightenment within the majority. For I would love to think that the days of the bigots with their media loudspeakers and their guns are numbered. But I wouldn't count on it.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Jul 27, 02:04am

    An amazing piece. Just shared on Twitter.

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    David Ackley
    Jul 27, 02:21am

    Thanks so much, Eamon. I'm really hoping that now is different, and there are some good signs as you suggest.

    Thanks Sam. Never had that happen before, I'm very happy you thought it worth sharing.

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    Tim Young
    Jul 27, 08:41am

    Hey David, I read your "Specters of the Sixties," and I was moved, not only because of the writing but because of your reporting. I lived through those times and so today see the startling resemblance as you do.

    I am surely saddened by the inherent racism in this country but I too believe in the vision of leaders like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and John and Robert Kennedy.

    Thank you.

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    David Ackley
    Jul 27, 02:41pm

    Thanks, Tim. I appreciate the personal response and your sense of things and the solidarity it reinforces.

  • Cezarija Abartis
    Aug 02, 06:13pm

    "There were occasions, like the arrivals of the Beatles and Stones. But then there was the other, a sort of geography like a large sketchy, international neighborhood, where similar things went on at once and where history, whatever that meant, was more or less present on every block, an odd inescapable presence that could pop up in the most ordinary transactions."
    Powerful, painful recollections. Thanks.

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    David Ackley
    Aug 10, 07:00pm

    Thank you, Cezarija.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Aug 21, 06:26am

    I can still hear the sirens, smell the smoke, feel the rage. Two steps forward then, a good step backward today.

    Excellent piece, David. Bravo.

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    David Ackley
    Aug 21, 01:06pm

    Thanks very much for reading the piece James, and knowing whereof it speaks.

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