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    Ivan Reyes
    Jun 22, 10:58pm

    How would you describe your own writing?

    Pick a genre or style of music that you feel reflects your writing. Feel free to provide explanatory notes as well. If I had to choose, I'd say, in my eyes, my writing feels like very complicated finger picking guitar lilts, that is also soothing. That is just in my eyes. That's what I honestly see it as. Perhaps you see your writing as metal or pop music.

    I thought this might be a fun question to ask everyone, and fun for everyone to answer.

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    Chris Okum
    Jun 22, 11:22pm

    Drone rock. Spacemen 3, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham. And over the drone rock, instead of typical vocals, are the staccato ramblings of an Ivor Novello impersonator.

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    Mathew Paust
    Jun 24, 11:27pm

    Spike Jones instrumentation doing Mozart with occasional interruptions by The HU. I'd kinda like to get the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in there, too...still working on that.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Jul 03, 10:55pm

    From an unfinished novella, where I sort of broached the subject, but it works for me as an answer...

    "If this were a movie, it would begin with cellos, Chinese cellos with Viennese tones that suggest a vision of leafless elms in mid-winter. Perhaps from darkness the screen would open to reveal a grove, slowly advancing from the distance, closing at the speed of a child's stride until every elm seems to take on the appearance of a wizard with ancient, knowing silence and a gaze of infinite melancholy.
    I love the sound of cellos and the witness of trees. And it is my movie, after all.
    If not, if it were, instead, a movie produced by Hollywood people on location in Houston, it would begin with the sound of salsa, drums and guitars, interspersed with jazzy, chaotic rhythms on a whacky piano. It would open to a shot of me, walking down the boulevard like some hip-hop Latino Hamlet replete with rosy crucifixion tattoo, black, baggy pants, and a pipe full of dreams that he really, really, really needs to light off quick because life is hard, blind to the hunger, Baby, and unresponsive to the needs of the powerless masses."

    Otherwise, I like to think my music is liable to go anywhere because every writer is possessed of a thousand voice. "Our name is Legion, for we... are many."

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