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    Chris Okum
    Dec 02, 06:16pm

    The latest Taco Bell commercials. A young woman and her new boyfriend run into the young woman's old boyfriend. The old boyfriend is an Alpha Male (henceforth The AM): tall, strong, and virile. The young woman's new boyfriend is a Beta Male (henceforth The BM): short, slight, and vaguely feminine. The BM is holding in his hands a new Taco Bell product that he refuses to put down (Rolled Chicken Tacos, Steak Lovers Quesadilla, Supreme Nacho Stuffed Burrito, etc.) even though The AM has extended his hand in greeting. We can see The BM analyzing the situation. The gears are clearly turning. The AM just stands there like a tree stump. The BM, not wanting to let go of his product (under any circumstances), improvises a salutation using another part of his body; his chest, the top of his head, his butt. The AM remains puzzled, playing checkers to The BM's proverbial chess. Having accomplished the seemingly impossible (to the young woman's barely discernible displeasure), The BM seems more than pleased with himself, he seems as if he has confirmed, yet again, what he has always known, which is that, because of Consumer Capitalism, Darwinian law has been reversed, and it is now the weak who rule the Neoliberal jungle in which we all must dwell. The Rolled Chicken Tacos have endowed The BM with an intelligence and cunning that surpasses the brute strength of The AM. That the BM has all but ignored the presence of the young woman throughout the commercial is the secondary - but not primary point - of the commercial, although it does implant at a even more subliminal message than the first: fuck women, dip your rolled taco in some guacamole instead.

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    Jenny Rawls
    Dec 03, 01:02am


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    Adam Sifre
    Dec 19, 10:16pm

    The rolled tacos suck. And a BM that won't let go of a rolled taco in the AM isn't great either.

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