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    Kitty Boots
    Sep 15, 02:01am

    Am summoning the courage to publish on other sites besides this one, but most do not want previously published work. Most of what I've written I've posted on fictionaut. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Darryl and Arturo were gracious to publish two of my pieces I put on fictionaut.

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    Mathew Paust
    Sep 15, 11:48am

    Not sure Fictionaut counts in that regard, so long as the work is not currently on this site. And then I should think the main concern is whether money's involved. If the other sites aren't paying, I wouldn't worry.

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    Gary Percesepe
    Sep 15, 04:10pm

    kitty--i use this site to try out stuff, see what's working, what's not. If a story or poem seems to be working well, I make it PRIVATE on fictionaut---then feel free to submit it elsewhere, for sale.

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    Kitty Boots
    Sep 17, 09:40pm

    Thank you, Matt and Gary for the info and advice.

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    Tim Young
    Sep 20, 04:48am

    I was wondering about Kitt's question as well.
    Thanks you guys.

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