Forum / "Flash Fiction for the Age of Trump" now a Kindle Single!

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    Christopher J. Snyder
    Jun 12, 10:27pm

    As people've who been watching this series here on Fictionaut know (thanks for the blurbs, BTW!) I’ve distilled the worst of the worst and the most confusing of the scatterbrained into what is, hopefully, a helpfully-cogent 21 stories of 1-page-or-less. Only $0.99, and the time you spent on it, bettering yourself and your sense of graceful, above-it-all humor!

    While copies last, or the grid stays up, or the web remains “net neutral,” for all I know!

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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Jun 13, 04:37pm

    Congrats, Smiley!

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    eamon byrne
    Jun 17, 06:37am

    Fuk. Not even a buk. I downloaded it. FWIW the writing's waaaaaay better that the kindle app. In the words of my favourite smallgoods manufacturer: "is don, is good."

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    Christopher J. Snyder
    Sep 20, 11:46pm

    Thanks, Charlotte!

    eamon you're brimming with blurbs I seriously plan to use. Thanks as well!

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