Forum / Proud to announce Joel Allegretti's "Our Dolphin"

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    RW Spryszak
    Dec 20, 01:06am

    Thrice Publishing is proud to announce its initial title in our library. "Our Dolphin," a novella by Joel Allegretti, is available through Amazon.

    There will be more coming - another title in the next 30 days, in fact.

    But please visit our web site and, if you know Joel, congratulate him on this work.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Dec 21, 12:40am

    Great news, RW.

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    Ray Nessly
    Feb 27, 12:58am

    I saw this announced in Facebook a while back. Great news indeed. Congrats, Joel.

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    Mathew Paust
    Feb 27, 02:31am

    Congrats to Joel.

  • Samuel Derrick Rosen
    Feb 27, 09:01am

    Have to say this guy's poetry is really good, and definitely influenced by Baudelaire.

    Things that stood out to me in particular:

    "be a harp of David
    for me,
    with prayer-plated strings
    tempered in the heat of the first Breath,
    which brought waves
    to oceans
    and orbits
    to moons"

    "she did not have to be beautiful.
    She did not have to possess
    mansions or carriages.
    Only pity
    and yes,
    a soul that celebrated music.
    Her fingers did not require
    the adornment of rings
    or manicured cuticles.
    They only had to be gentle
    and yes, loving,
    slipping backward along the contours
    of your benighted skin
    the way you drew the bow
    across the violin to play
    your sonatas of seduction"

    Although he can be a tad narcissistic:

    "I sang for the nightingales,
    And the nightingales in fury
    Smashed their beaks
    Because their song could not compete"

    This guy could be a neo-nazi and he would still be a great poet. Just goes to show that great writers can still get published :)

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