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    Chris Okum
    Dec 01, 07:33pm

    "The machines took over a long time ago, way before all these movies and books and television shows were made, the ones about how the machines, if we're not careful, are going to take over and make us their slaves. Didn't you know that? You didn't know that? Well, now you do. And hey, you're welcome. But you don't have to thank me. What you do have to do though is kiss my grits, baby. And back up. Give me some room. Don't crowd me. I said move thattaway. Listen, step on my shoes one more time and I'm going to jab you in the kidneys. Hey, cocksucker, I'm talking to you. Yes, you. This next song is about a sandwich."

    - Martin Rev of the band Suicide to an audience member, CBGB's, New York, New York, December 1, 1977

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    Mathew Paust
    Dec 01, 10:50pm

    I suppose he'd be dangerous if he didn't have music.

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    Christopher J. Snyder
    Dec 12, 05:38pm

    I listen to Kraftwerk, sorry.

    (I'd almost believe this quote if it didn't have that typical, beautifully-unpredictable-yet-satisfying patented Chris Okum™ ending sentence. Or, is this who you learned from, Chris? Reading Martin Rev & folks like him, getting the knack of it, honing it down to a veritable science, dare I say a veritable Art, of its own class and kind: "The cryptic yet fitting dénouement."

    (Oh, wait: You really ARE Martin Rev, and you're now outing yourself: you're just using "Chris Okum" as a pseudonym. You're a sly one, you are, but I've got interpretative skills. I got two "B-" grades and a "B" grade in Intro to Hum. my first year at college, and those skills have served me well my whole life.

    (As you can see ... )

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