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    Chris Okum
    Sep 11, 04:25pm

    Clowns always announce themselves because they are not shy about being clowns. And, in their own way, they're kind of entertaining, too. However, no one ever thinks the clowns are going to be the show's main attraction (except for the clowns, that is). Please don't forget: clowns love to create chaos, watch things blow up in other people's faces, including their own. Because it makes them laugh on the inside. That's what makes them clowns. And now here we are, all sitting around, eating our popcorn and watching the clowns. Just as long as the clowns don't ask us to participate in the show, right? But at some point they will. At some point the clown's attention will be directed at us, and it is at that point we will have to put our popcorn down and join in the mayhem, whether we want to or not. Personally, I think the circus could do without the clowns. Or the animals. I like the circus when its just other people doing amazing things. But I seem to be in the minority. We are tired, for some reason, of watching people do amazing things. We are, for some reason, only interested in the clowns. So it is clowns we want and clowns we will get. It is the time of clowns and nothing else. Let's just hope they don't burn down the tent, because they'll try. Leave the clowns alone and that's all they want to do. Burn the whole thing down to the ground.

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    Mathew Paust
    Sep 11, 05:51pm

    No wonder Pesci got so upset in "Goodfellas." Now I'm thinking maybe he shoulda shot the dumb bast'd.

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    Smiley McGrouchpants
    Sep 19, 08:32pm

    Hear about the fire at the circus?

    It was "in tents."

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