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    Jürgen Fauth
    Jul 17, 02:28pm

    I just posted to the blog about new features we've added to the site. We're planning other improvements on our way to Fictionaut's public launch, and we'd love to hear which of the following you'd like to see sooner rather than later, what you could do without, and if you have any ideas that aren't on the list....

    1. Improve the weekly newsletter with better layout and design.
    2. Improve the story pages with sharing buttons and a picture to go along with the story. (You might remember we used to have these.)
    3. Improve the story upload/editing process, including an "upload" button that imports Word files directly.
    4. Improve the list of recommended stories on the front page: show more than four stories and offer different time frames.
    5. Make it obvious how to delete a story.
    6. Add a tool that searches your email contacts to find friends on Fictionaut.
    7. Add privacy controls that let the writer decide who can see their story: everybody, Fictionaut members, or only their contacts.
    8. Add groups: a way for members to gather in sub-communities with their own stories, recommendations, and forums. Groups can be public, invite-only, or private.
    9. RSS feeds for new stories and recommendations.
    10. Mobile delivery of Fictionaut stories to your iPhone, Kindle, and GizmoTronic 3000.

    What would you like to see next? Thank you for being a part of Fictionaut.

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    Pia Ehrhardt
    Jul 20, 04:30pm

    Damn. That all sounds great. I've missed the photos with the stories, but I didn't want to pout aka look a gift horse in the mouth. Thank you for all of this, Jurgen. What a place.

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Jul 22, 01:01pm

    Thank you, Pia.

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    Brenda Cowe
    Jul 22, 03:29pm

    privacy controls on who can see your stories. i wasn't aware that anyone could see them until now... bleh.

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Jul 22, 03:38pm

    Brenda, at this point only Fictionaut members can see them. We'll make sure to get the privacy controls set up before we launch publicly.

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    Beth Gallaspy
    Jul 24, 10:48am

    Delete option. I just tried to do that and couldn't find one. I finally replaced the story with a paragraph of gibberish.

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Jul 24, 10:55am

    Good call, Beth -- it's there, but it's impossible to reach since we simplified the menus. We'll restore it right away.

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    Lauren Becker
    Jul 24, 04:10pm

    new layout looks great, jurgen!

    re: privacy controls, my profile, etc., is showing up in google searches ... would rather keep my interactions herein to the site only. i look forward to implementation of the privacy controls you describe above.

    thanks for all you do!

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    Myfanwy Collins
    Jul 24, 08:54pm

    I like the new look!

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Jul 25, 09:23am

    Thanks, Lauren & Myfanwy!

    Beth, the delete button is now back -- if you click on "You" on the top, it'll take you to a remodeled dashboard that lets you edit and delete your stories.

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    Beth Gallaspy
    Jul 25, 10:42am

    Thanks! This is a great site and just keeps getting better.

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    Delete Profile
    Aug 02, 08:54am

    I'd definitely like to see Groups as it makes it easier to meet new people with common interests. The FAQ implies that they're already implemented but since I couldn't find them anywhere, I assume not.

    Keep up the good work! I know how much work is involved in designing and running a website.


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    Jürgen Fauth
    Aug 02, 11:41am

    Thanks for the feedback, Serene. We got a little bit ahead of ourselves with the FAQ -- but Groups are coming.

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    Reynard Seifert
    Aug 25, 11:11am

    i actually think it'd be cool if everyone could see your story if you want them to. i actually wasn't aware they couldn't until just now.

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Aug 25, 11:19am

    We're working on that, Reynard -- right now, Fictionaut is still in private beta, so only members can see the front page. Once we launch the site for the public, every story that you don't explicitly want to hide (more about that soon) will be visible for all the world to read.

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