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    Jules Archer
    May 05, 09:47pm


    I'm new to Fictionaut and am already loving it. I have searched around and maybe I'm not finding the correct page (so forgive me if this question in redundant) but are there any tips for making friendly connections, getting/giving reviews, etc...? I saw some of this info on the FAQ section but was just wondering if anyone else had any feedback or could point me in the right direction!


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    H-M Brown
    May 05, 10:24pm

    For Comments in the story's page itself, just type in the Comment box.

    You can go into a Writers' profile and type in the comment box for [Insert Writer's Name] Wall.

    You can click on the two little envelopes at the top and send a private message to a specific writer.

    Go to a group page (Join first) and click intoa discussion topic and type in any of the topics or make one up and start a topic for that group.

    Or you can create a Forum topic ;)

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