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    Ann Bogle
    May 05, 10:27am

    I'm trying to post a 4,100-word story. The last 200 words cut off. It seems other, long stories have appeared at the site. Pointers?

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    Ann Bogle
    May 05, 11:08am

    Note: I posted the story successfully with Firefox outside the AOL program. Google Chrome, an older version of Netscape, and Internet Explorer (IE/AOL) all cut off the end of the story. This solves an issue I had had in posting "Hoss Men" now in two parts.

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    H-M Brown
    May 05, 03:35pm

    You can also save your work as a Plain Text Format, especially in MS Word, and you'll get around the bottoms cuts problem.

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    Carson Baker
    May 05, 05:20pm

    Hmm. So the technical limitation right now is 65,535 bytes per story. I am looking at ways of increasing this limit.

    65,535 doesn't translate into an exact number of words, or even characters though, however a back of the envelope estimation suggests a conservative limit of about 5,000 words. If you are copying from MS Word then a lot of extra markup *junk* will be attached.

    As H-M Brown suggests, copy from a plain text format until I can make improvements.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    - Carson

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    eamon byrne
    May 05, 06:02pm

    Carson, if this is any help. I posted my last 2, 'quo Murphy' and 'bomb' as html texts. Basically they were just styled divs, without any head element.It worked perfectly, and seems to give me very good formatting control.

    My question is: if the byte count of the uploaded file exceeded your 2^16 bytes, would the div load? Because if it would, then that would be a solution for Ann's problem.

    I might add here that html entails minimal 'junk' in the file as compared with a .doc format.

    For anyone interested in this approach, see my other posts related to html templates.

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