Forum / help: I forgot name of obscure writer

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    eamon byrne
    May 02, 05:04am

    Can anyone help me. There's a very obscure writer, American I think, from the thirties I think. This guy was totally way out - radical. Crazy some might say. He wrote books where a single letter would just fill page after page. Basically just pages of permutations of typographical symbols or word patterns.

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    Matt Dennison
    May 02, 07:31am

    Kenneth Patchen did some some strange lay-outs in a number of his books (but they *were* straight narrative books).

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    Walter Bjorkman
    May 02, 10:49am

    eamon - I gave a 5-7 minute search on google, all sorts of combos of obscure, twentieth century, american writers, singe letter, etc. came up empty. Perhaps a visit to the Strand bookstore, or your local equivalent.

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