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    Bill Yarrow
    May 01, 05:39pm

    New Issue of Mad Hatters' Review just out.

    Moving tribute to Carol Novack by editor Marc Vincenz.

    I'm honored to have three poems in the issue alongside work by Marcus Speh, Martin Heavisides, Doug Bond and many others.


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    Bill Yarrow
    May 01, 05:41pm

    Thank you, Ann Bogle for your encouragement.

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    Gloria Mindock
    May 01, 06:29pm

    Congratulations Bill on having work in the tribute issue to Carol and the other Fictionauts too! This is great. I just wrote Marc Vicent and told him what a nice issue it is. I read part of it and will finish the rest tomorrow. I keep getting interupted here at work.
    Love your poems Bill. Way to go! You are a wonderful writer, an inspiration.

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    Gloria Mindock
    May 01, 06:31pm

    Boy, forgive the typo in Marc's name. I'm doing well here. I meant Marc Vincenz. See what my regular job does to me. Ha-Ha! Sorry Marc.

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    Bill Yarrow
    May 01, 06:50pm

    Thanks, Gloria, for your kind, cheering words.

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    Marcus Speh
    May 01, 06:52pm

    It's a wonderful issue worthy of Carol's quirky genius, thanks for contributing and for announcing, Bill. I believe Carol would have been over the moon about it. Perhaps that's where she is right now looking down at us, who knows. (She'd not have appreciated that sentimental notion of an afterlife, but she's not here to tell me off, alas.)

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    Ann Bogle
    May 01, 06:54pm

    As cnfic edtior, I am wildly pleased about the cnfic section, as well as all the sections: the tribute, the poetry, the fiction, the multimedia, the audio and the rest. Please take a look at Daniel Harris's The Butterfly Effect (audio recitation, text, and illustration). It's the first raconteur story I've seen on the net. AND it's scintillatingly sexy.


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    Ann Bogle
    May 01, 06:56pm

    Great job, Bill and Marcus and Doug and all and kudos to Vincenz and Harshenin (Shirley, our webmaestress).

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    Gloria Mindock
    May 01, 07:13pm

    Congratulations on the job you did too with the issue!!!! Bravo!!!!

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    Matthew A. Hamilton
    May 01, 07:52pm


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    Joani Reese
    May 01, 10:38pm

    Will head over to read the 100+ authors after finals. Congrats to everyone who contributed, and especially to you, Bill.

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    Bill Yarrow
    May 01, 10:55pm

    Thanks, everyone! It's a wonderful issue. Many riches. Explore and enjoy!

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    Marc Vincenz
    May 02, 01:09am

    Thanks for all the kudos and comments, folks. And Gloria, thanks for spelling my name right! We wanted to make this issue something that Carol would be proud of, and thank you all for your fantastic contributions - Bill and Ann - and everyone who was involved; but no fear, we'll be back again soon with more madness!

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