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    Dorothee Lang
    Mar 10, 09:58am

    There's a new book blog online: Daily s-Press. It features one small press book each day, Monday to Friday. Here the link:

    Check it out, and if you have are an author / editor with a small press book just out or upcoming, drop me a mail. (i am the editor of the blog). Specificiations to send book files to the book blog are here:

    The focus is on new books from small presses (+ indie presses): paperbacks, chapbooks, also e-books.

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    Gloria Mindock
    Mar 10, 11:12am

    What a wonderful idea this is! It is much needed. thanks for starting this blog.

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    Susan Gibb
    Mar 10, 11:22am

    It's indeed a generous and wonderfully supportive gesture by an already overworked young woman. And as always, professionally done and way cool.

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    Susan Tepper
    Mar 10, 12:46pm

    Dorothee, this is done with taste and class. Your presentation of the books is sumptuous. Thank you for this extra-special support of the small press authors and publishers. God knows we need all the help we can get!

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Mar 10, 01:35pm

    nice work, ms lang! i don't agree with susan, i think you need to work harder, for all of our sakes. (this is called a paradoxical intervention, doro).

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Mar 10, 04:27pm

    Paradoxical Intervention Response: Get to work on that Paddy Whacker, you've rested too long on your laurel leaves, Monsieur de la Flawnt

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    Dorothee Lang
    Mar 14, 10:15am

    Thanks so much for the feedback!

    And here's a confession: i first thought of doing one list for spring, one for summer etc.
    Then i started to put a first draft of the list together. And directly ran into the tricky question: How to sort the books? What to put on top?
    That's how the blog idea surfaced. Together with the idea for various search options. Gosh, i thought. And typed my immediate reaction into twitter:
    "f***. i have a funky spicey good web idea. and i have no time for it. dammit. i need a clone."

    But then i just had to try it. There are just too many fascinating small press books out there that don't get enough attention.

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    Linda Simoni-Wastila
    Mar 16, 06:43pm

    i so love your philosophy and your blog! wish you had it last year ;^) i reviewed debut authors pubbing at indy presses once a month last year on my blog, then fell behind because it took so long to ferret out, purchase, read, and review. your blog is a fabulous resource, and i'll link to mine. thanks!

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    Dorothee Lang
    Mar 22, 02:42pm

    Linda, i just visited your blog again - so interesting, the books you read. maybe there is a way to group all your reviews with a tag, then i would include a link? i messaged you. would be great if this worked out.

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    Susan Tepper
    Mar 23, 08:59am

    Dorothee, this looks so good every time I read it. Each book you present in such a scrumptious manner. Is there a way to have Daily S Press delivered to email on a daily basis?

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    Darryl Price
    Mar 23, 02:59pm

    Dorothee--you are so cool!You and your ideas are very much welcomed and needed. Thank you for being such a generous,creative and interesting person.We planet dwellers thank you.

  • Linda.thumb
    Linda Simoni-Wastila
    Mar 24, 07:56pm

    Dorothee, Thanks for the link-up and gave s-Press a shout-out at my blog. You do such a geat job presenting each book -- and are inspiring me to get back to my debut author/small press reviews... but gotta get this draft done first. Peace...

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    Dorothee Lang
    Mar 25, 07:12am

    Susan, Linda, Darryl ~ thanks for your feedback!

    and Linda, thanks for putting all reviews together, i now added the link to the sidebar, here it is for all who want to check it out directly:

    a daily mail-- i will think about it, and look for an automatic service page. there are daily plugs in twitter and facebook, but you are right, it's easy to miss those.

    smile. and really, daily s-press, it is a virtual paper pleasure to explore the landscape of small and indie presses. here the link again:

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    Linda Simoni-Wastila
    Mar 27, 08:44pm

    Thanks Susan! If other folks blog similar reviews, I'd love to know.

    You've inspired me to get back into my monthly routine. Things got shaken up when my dad died this past December, but maybe come summer I'll get my routine back...

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