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    Kevin Myrick
    Feb 14, 11:16am

    Hello fellow Fictionauts,

    Since so many of us are posting for the Valentine's Day Massacre (really love that title Susan) challenge, let's talk about an issue that none of us really like to address: writer's block.

    My question for the week: When writer's block hits, how do you deal with it?

    The prompt for this question came from this article:


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    Gloria Mindock
    Feb 15, 04:40pm

    Great question. When this happens to me, I dig out a book that inspires me. Before you know it, I feel like writing.

    For poetry writing, I do mistranslations.
    I look at a poem in a language I don't know and try to translate it as fast as I can.
    I come up with some weird things but at least it gets me writing.
    I taught a workshop on how to get through writer's block for poets and gave them 20 exercises to do. I think many of these would work for fiction also.
    Later on in the week, I'll list some of them.
    I won't be around much this week to do this sooner.

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