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  • Cap1_small.thumb
    Frank Dahai
    Apr 27, 01:41pm

    Line breaks are getting erased every time I save/preview a story. Have tried all kinds of solutions. Glitch, or me?

  • Harlow.thumb
    Morgan Harlow
    Apr 27, 02:35pm

    this just happened to one of my stories, had paragraphs yesterday, and overnight they disappeared. in edit mode looks like they are there, but when i go back after re-saving the story they are not

  • Author_wide.thumb
    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Apr 27, 06:45pm

    Argh. Sorry 'bout that. We'll investigate!

  • Sup.thumb
    Samuel Brase
    Apr 27, 10:36pm

    same here.

    also, at least four-five comments on my one story have mysteriously vanished.

  • Sup.thumb
    Samuel Brase
    Apr 27, 10:37pm

    (they weren't deleted, at least not by me, and some of the missing comments are mine)

  • Yankee.thumb
    Carson Baker
    Apr 29, 11:25pm

    ah, sorry samuel. that must have happened as we switched servers the other day. i'll try to track those down and put them back in. really sorry!

    as for the line breaks, i think that issue is now resolved.

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