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  • Richter.thumb
    Apr 14, 05:09pm

    I was wondering if this would be a good place to set up a lit magazine exchange for people to swap issues.

  • Author_wide.thumb
    J├╝rgen Fauth
    May 04, 01:07pm

    I like the idea -- you could use the forum for this. Anybody?

  • 557.thumb
    Matthew Tiffany
    May 18, 02:15pm

    Along the same lines as Bookmooch? Or less formal?

  • Richter.thumb
    May 19, 06:11pm

    Yeah - something like that. I was thinking we could post magazines we'd like to exchange for others - Swap your issue of Georgia Review for someone else's Zoetrope. Maybe we could post journals we'd like to exchange or make requests about ones we're looking for?

  • Rg.thumb
    Roxane Gay
    May 28, 02:40pm

    I'm happy to offer 10 or so issues of PANK for this swap.

  • Richter.thumb
    Jun 04, 03:06pm

    I'd love to get a copy or two of One Story - I have older issues of Mississippi Review, Georgia Review, Paris Review, Zoetrope, and others for any one interested.

  • Me.thumb
    Steven Seighman
    Jun 30, 08:29am

    I'm on board with Monkeybicycle.

    Kind of along the same lines, I've been sending out inserts from other journals as a show of camaraderie when I mail out Monkeybicycle orders. Kind of an "If you like us, give these guys a try" type of thing. If anyone wants to get involved in that as well, let me know.

  • Beth Staples
    Jul 13, 03:26pm

    And I'm on board with Hayden's Ferry Review.

    Steven: I love the idea of sending out inserts for other journals. I'd love to do some cross-promotion with HFR and Monkeybicycle, if you're interested.

  • Photo_14.thumb
    P. H. Madore
    Sep 15, 07:02pm

    I'll take your Paris Reviews and give you a subscription to One Story in exchange.

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