Zach Powers

Location Savannah, GA

About Me

Zach Powers lives and writes in Savannah, Georgia. He is writing this bio himself, and writing it in the third person, which to him feels rather pompous. He is averse to pomposity and is really quite personable. You'd like him. Give Zach Powers a chance. Why do you have to be so judgmental? His work, equally self-absorbed, has appeared in Opium Magazine, Pindeldyboz, Paradigm Journal, PANK, and maybe elsewhere but he can't remember. He was the champion of Opium Magazine’s Literary Death Match Savannah, a reading/performance event held in cities throughout the world. His writing for television won an Emmy.

Any favorite authors? Books?

My favorite author is Haruki Murakami. Also Italo Calvino, Miranda July, Jesse Ball, Aimee Bender, Jorge Luis Borges, Daniil Kharms, Kobo Abe, Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, Jonathan Lethem, Daniel Handler, Stanley Crawford, Charles Bukowski, Orson Scott Card, J.D. Salinger, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Mark Leyner, John Keegan, Matt Fraction, Nikolai Gogol, Donald Barthelme, Paul Dini, Alan Moore, Walter Abish, Kafka, David Remnick, Lian Hearn, Michael Chabon, Aaron Petrovich, Jim Krusoe, Flann O'Brien.