Tom Joyce

Location New Jersey

About Me

I worked as a reporter for years, but I'm just getting started with fiction writing. I'm very excited about the possibilities of online communities such as Fictionaut.

Why do you write?

I wish I could say something lofty about changing the world or seeking a higher truth. But really, it's the same impulse that led me to stage plays (generally, re-enactments of "Planet of the Apes" movies) in my parents' basement when I was a kid. I just want people to see my stuff and be impressed.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Like a listing of my favorite movies or albums, that's the kind of thing that changes on an hourly basis. At the moment, two of my favorite authors are Joe Lansdale and Neil Gaiman. I like Lansdale's Hap and Leonard series and Gaiman's collection "Fragile Things."

Tom Joyce's Wall

Darryl Price – Apr 04, 2012

Yeah I don't think people are yet fully aware of the amount of great work that Gaiman has penned. The Graveyard Book I thought was amazingly good, but he's been putting out great work for years and years. Welcome aboard!

Robert Vaughan – Mar 29, 2012

Welcome to Fictionaut, Tom! Dive on in!

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